2021 Buybacks

In the absence of DNA testing, all sires are probable and based on breeding sightings and extensive notes on who the mare was with when the foal would have been conceived.

Foal #
First Seen
Buyback Name
9 Tuleta Star Wild Thing Chestnut Filly 4/11/2021 Penny
10 ET Puzzle Chestnut Pinto Filly 4/12/2021 Corrie
14 Sonny's Legacy Riptide Chestnut Pinto Filly 4/19/2021 Jubilation
18 Sundance Don Leonard Stud II Palomino Pinto Filly 4/24/2021 Sunburst
38 Mary Read Hoppy Bay Pinto Filly 5/9/2021 Martha Lou
49 Thetis Wild Thing Bay Pinto Filly 5/17/2021 Artemis
52 Black Pearl Ace Black Pinto Filly 5/21/2021 Shelley
67 Molly's Rosebud Unknown Buckskin Pinto Filly 6/18/2021 Ms Shampine
71 Water Baby Legacy Buckskin Pinto Filly 6/28/2021 Shamrock
74 Liz's Serenity Hoppy Buckskin Filly 7/8/2021 Fancy Free


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